About Us

CPNL is known for its optimised articulated pipe design, recognised as an easier and more reliable product. In the past years, a complete range of KIS-products to ease offshore installation has been created, with the guarantee that these products will support the cable lifetime objectives for minimum 25 years.

CPNL is in the basis an engineer and supplier of cable protection systems, which are completely specified to project requirements. Our strength is to deliver project specific systems in challenging time frames without compromises on reliability. CPNL systems are robust and flexible.


We have a  joint cooperation with Move Renewable, working together on both Tendering and Project delivery. The practical cable installation experience of Move Renewable boosts CPNL in relevant expertise. This increase in hands on offshore construction experience strengthens our position with respect to assisting our Clients with practical solutions and methodologies for their projects. Together we are able to make a valuable difference.