Articulated Pipe


What constitutes an Articulated Pipe?

Two half shells. 

CPNL’s articulated pipe may look similar to many other suppliers in the market, but the devil is in the details. Once put in action the boltless pipe proves to be the most refined one available in the market. This shows in the flexible quadrant. A feature that none have accomplished with their pipes. The articulated pipe has been tested to failure throughout the years and optimised to the point where the product is now: a fully certified product. All of CPNL’s systems include the articulated pipe to support the cable lifetime. 

The assembly of the product resembles a rooftile construction. The pace is picked up quite easily after the “aha”. At the very end of a string of articulated pipes you will use an end clamp. This product comes with 2 sets of bolts and nuts. Whether it is 2 meters of 40. The result is the same. 

The product is favoured by divers for post-lay assembly activities.