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Protecting subsea cables,
delivering reliability in every connection 
Installation through innovation

CPNL was established by its current owner Ton Tuk in 2009 with the sole purpose of
creating reliable and functional cable protection systems. The company based its designs
on the proven historical effectiveness of cast iron products for water, gas drainage and
sewage since the 17th century and the subsequent successful use of articulated cast iron
half-shells since the early days of cable installation. The use of quality cast iron
protection has proven to have various advantages over other mediums proposed, which
have in recent years resulted in numerous failures for developers and operators alike.

CPNL prides itself on the simplicity of its solutions, and via elaborate empirical testing
done together with acknowledged testing facilities, universities, experience and feedback
over the years that our design of the cable protection systems have evolved to the
current models offered, which we believe to best suit the need of TCS’s project.

Trial pull-in CPS
Boxed CPS

Watch our contribution 


Ton Tuk


Thinking in solutions is what I prefer to do. Practical - through years of experience - with a critical eye for detail. Quality is my priority. 

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